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Welcome to my page!

To my person:

48 years old

Married for 25 years

In the 25th year self-employed craftsman in the painting and varnishing trade

Worked as a painter in the Hotel Steigenberger and the adjoining Kurhaus Bad Neuenahr.

Als Mitgesellschafter der Bugdoll-Design GbR

1998 - Dez. 2011

As an autodidact and design artist, I have learned my own artistic streak over the years.

30 years of experience and 25 years of independence in the painting and varnishing trade enable me to fulfill a long-standing wish and to expand my offer with artistic work.

Martin Pastoor's sole proprietorship as a painter and design artist Jan. 2012.

Design artist, interior decorator, agency for the craft

Joined the painters and varnishers guild of the Ahrweiler district in January 2013

(Guild specialist company of the district craftsmen)

Photography art design and book author.

(Registered photographer, Chamber of Crafts Koblenz)

Wedding photographer, picture book author, event planner, location scout,

Slogan: Everything you do is art

Let yourself be inspired.

Thank you for your interest 

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